A lesson learned…

So here’s a funny wintery story…

We all have habits of doing things, sometimes things we probably shouldn’t do and sometimes it’s just because we’re forgetful. For Dale and I lately it’s been the later, being forgetful.

Sunday, a few hours after church, Dale came home. A little while later our home teachers came by. When we went to the door to greet them one of them said “it’s really cold outside and your garage door is open. You really shouldn’t leave it open.” So we thanked them and closed it. Upon leaving he mentioned again “it’s really cold outside, it’s a good idea not to leave your garage door open.” We thanked them and said goodbye.

Later that night we went out to visit with some friends. We came home and took care of things and went to bed. The next morning I got up around 6am. I went to flush the toilet and it didn’t work. So I tried the faucet and there was no water. I woke up Dale and frantically went around the house to check to see that none of the pipes were broken. Luckily they were all fine. Then I called the water company and see if it was a city wide issue. Nope, in fact the first thing the guy asked was if we left our garage door open. Yep, that was it. One of the garage doors had been open all night and the main water pipe and heater area in the garage had frozen.

By now a couple of hours had gone by. We borrowed a couple of free standing heaters from a neighbor and within a half hour we had water and heat.

For some reason I think our home teacher was warning us of what could happen but we didn’t listen. I don’t think we’re going to forget to close the garage door anymore. A very cold and uncomfortable lesson learned.

Oh and just a funny note…JoJo was in bed, curled up under the covers, warm and comfy and sleeping peacefully through it all.




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