Gratitude and blessings…

It’s that time of year when the leaves on the trees start turning beautiful orange, red and yellow colors. The air is crisp and cool, children are back in school…and you know it’s FALL! I love it. It’s one of my favorite seasons  of the year.

It’s also a time when we all start to ponder how grateful we are for our many blessings…and we have been so very blessed. Sometimes I feel like the heavens have opened and poured down blessings upon our family. Not that we haven’t had trials, because we have, but we have been lifted up and carried through them and have grown and become stronger because of them. I truly believe the Lord molds us and guides us to what he wants us to be. We just have to be greeting him with open arms, a willing heart and contrite spirit, through our challenges. That’s when we realize how blessed we are in so many ways we never imagined.

So here’s my gratitude list…family. That’s it, just family. Well, health goes without saying. We have been blessed with amazing health and are very grateful. But family for us encompasses so much. Not just immediate family, but friends, and our church family. Not just those that are here but those that have passed on, too.

Our children and grandchildren are amazing. We have a table with their pictures on it that I walk by every day. When I stand in my kitchen I can look over at their pictures and each time I see them I am so grateful to be their mom, grandmother and nana.

We have a saying in our family that each generation is supposed to do better than the previous. That’s all, just better and if they do, then all is good…blessings from Heaven, we are oh, so grateful!


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