Being literal…


Okay, so this post isn’t really about us, but the story is so adorable I couldn’t resist.

Our daughter, Jamie, took her son, Paul, on a little two day trip. They went to Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. It’s only a few hours from where they live. She told Paul they were going to see Curious George and tour the new Philadelphia LDS Temple, Heavenly Father’s House.

So when they arrived at the museum Paul was looking for Curious George. Not the man made exhibit but a real live Curious George. Puzzled, he asked Jamie “where  is Curious George, why is he not here, I thought we were going to see him.” Well she did say they were going to see Curious George. She didn’t realize he would take it so literally.

When they were inside the Temple, Paul was looking around. He asked Jamie “where is Heavenly Father, he not here.” Then when he saw the Christus, (statue of Christ), at the visitor center, he walked up to it and was looking at it in total awe.

Out of the mouth of babes…Literally!


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