Friends and Flowers



When you think about it friends are like flowers. When a friendship is nourished it will blossom.

Moving here has been amazing. A beautiful home, great neighbors and a new chapter in our life. You might ask, what does this have to do with friends? A lot. We have such sweet and caring neighbors.

and so… we have been visiting with our neighbors, Debbie and Mike. They have a beautiful yard. Debbie is quite the landscaper. Her yard is like a small English garden, which we get to enjoy, living next to them. We really feel blessed.

Some of the flowers she grows are peonies. I had mentioned to her how beautiful they are and that they are one of my favorite flowers. The next day she came knocking at my back door with a vase of beautiful white and red peonies. Just because.

We have been exchanging flowers, treats and recipes. Our visits are very comfortable and enjoyable. When Dale works in the yard he visits with Mike and other neighbors. Everyone is so friendly and cordial. Everyone waves or says hello.

I see lots of “friends and flowers” and of course (my gf )”baked goods” in our future!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the peonies. They are beautiful!



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