Road Trip!

After we moved into our home in Idaho we took a road trip. We drove out to Big Flats, New York for Paul’s 4th birthday. Unfortunately, when we got there Jamie and Paul were sick. And as hard as we tried not to get sick, it was inevitable. By the time his party rolled around Dale and I weren’t able to go. We had the bug! Good news it didn’t last too long and we headed home the next week.

On our trip home Jamie and Paul hitched a ride…Awesome road trip! Paul was amazing. For such a long trip and so many stops he did so well. They stayed with us in our new home here in Idaho for a couple of weeks. We had beautiful weather, a lot of eating out and fun times. Again Paul was amazing and we all had a great time. We miss them, but now we are settling into our new home and new life. Loving it.




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