My mother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer the end of September 2014. She passed away almost a year to the day of her diagnosis. She had a good year. She was strong and she was brave. She had a few chemo treatments before the cancer went into remission. Then a few more treatments for maintenance. When the cancer came back she opted for no more treatments. She wanted quality instead of quantity of life and that’s what she had. After she passed away we received a card from the doctors of the Palliative group at Stanford Cancer Center. They mentioned in the card  how fond they were of my mother and how she was a real role model of dying with dignity. It’s so true and everyone loved her.

About a week before she passed away she had aroma therapy treatments almost every day from a lady named Martha. When my mother passed away Martha asked how she looked and I told her she was glowing and her eyes sparkled. Martha said that was because she left happy and at peace. In her last hour or so of life she was able to listen to her son, her grandchildren and siblings talk to her on the phone and tell her how much they loved her. After the last one said goodbye she started to rest and then she reached up and lifted her torso and taking a big breath laid back down. Then as I held her hand with my husband by my side, her pulse gradually slowed until it stopped. Her journey here in this mortal life has ended and she was now whole again and at peace.

The pictures are our family enjoying the summer of 2015 with my mom. She wanted to meet her great grandson Paul. We arranged a trip for Jamie and Paul to come visit my mom that summer. Our two sons Jason and Derek arranged to be there also. It was a special time for all of us. Wonderful memories were made and my mother enjoyed every minute. I love the way the pictures captured her sweet loving spirit and her smile.









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