Part of moving to a new state means not only do you change your address and phone number but your driver’s license too. Thank goodness it’s good for 8 years. It’s grueling taking a test at almost the age of 62. And the questions, seriously, who carries a tape measure and measures these distances… on parking, distance between you and another vehicle, dimming your high beams , ext. On the positive side the computer tells you, after you answer the question, if you’ve answered it right or wrong. That took some of the pressure off. I’m just glad it’s over and we passed.

Most DMV offices are really busy. In California the line was out the door on most days. Boise is not much different. So we decided to take Dale’s new truck and drive out to Emmett. It’s about a half hour drive through the hills. It was a beautiful drive. At one point we were able to stop at a lookout point and look over the valley. We took some pictures posted below.



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